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Artist Val MastrianniHello and welcome to my gallery.

I would like to introduce myself to my new viewers. My name is Valerie Mastrianni, originally from New Jersey. I have traveled and lived New York City, Florida and Texas and now reside in Hollywood, California. I have been painting for 43 years, and work mainly work in oils. I studied under MaryEllen Zilcosch, in watercolors and oil. At eleven I knew landscapes and seascapes were my subject and they still are. Visiting the State and local parks in my travels throughout Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina and New York inspired my marine and seascapes. From Texas to California's mountains, valleys, lakes and forests I love to talk with people visiting these areas, and find out what catches their attention and why. I am not alone in my admiration of Nature.

My effort is towards realism with a touch of romanticism. Doing sketches and photo’s I return to my studio to create the final picture. My interpretations of what I have seen and felt in nature are what I communicate to you my viewer. When someone looks at one of my seascapes and tells me they can smell the ocean, the salt and feel the moisture in the air, or look at a landscape at it reminds them of a wonderful feeling they had looking at a majestic mountain or valley, that’s when I know I have succeeded, really communicated. Communicating is what I set out to do. At a show I survey for my audience. For instance “What is your favorite painting and why? What did you feel while you were looking at it?” You my viewer make my art complete

I have exhibited in New Jersey at the Scotch Plains Fanwood Library, The Interfirst Bank, Sommerville Playhouse, and the Sommerville Library. In Texas at The Lincoln Gallery. In California, The Holly Street Gallery in Pasadena, featured artist at The Warehouse Gallery in Los Angeles. Contributed to the Art Share Project in downtown L.A., a unique program for underprivileged children designed to assist them in creating artistically. I have created numerous Murals for personal clients, churches, restaurants and a children's hospital in California.

My painting name is “Mastrainni” so Italian. With a little persuasion from my late Father I have used my last name for the past twenty years. Thanks Dad!!

I hope you enjoy the view, and I look forward to hearing from you. Thank You.



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