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Griffith Park:
Living and painting in Los Angeles wonderful.  There is so much inspiration for Artist of all mediums and all who live and visit here.  As a painter my inspiration is Griffith Park.
The tree covered mountains, canyons, wildflowers , sagebrush and wildlife can all be appreciated while hiking, horseback riding, or just strolling thru the park.  My favorite locations are Mt. Bell, The Mulholland Trails or visiting The Autry Museum Center.  During the rainy season I recommend a hike up Brush Canyon, the waterfalls are so beautiful and soothing. There are 53 miles of trails with spectacular views.  The park has so many attractions, The Griffith Observatory,The Equestrian Center,  The Zoo just to name a few.
Go, be inspired, raise your awareness of nature and the wildlife. It's a great place to meet people.  Enjoy Life!

In Gratitude:

Colonel Griffith J. Griffith
Councilmen Tom LaBonge
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

The Park was named after Colonel Griffith J. Griffith who settled here in 1882.  In December of 1896 he gave to the people of Los Angeles over 3,00 acres of his estate to be used as a parkland.  It is now one of the largest urban wilderness parks in the United States.  His dream continued with the building of The Observatory and The Greek Theatre.  That dream still lives.
Thank You,

Councilmen Tom LaBonge, thank you for your continuos efforts to conserve and keep Grifffith Park a place for all to enjoy.  You have raised the awareness of the people of LA. by your love for this beautiful park. Please don't stop!

Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa, thank you for your efforts on restoring the park after the May 2007 fire.
Learn more about this effort at

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